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Edomae Sushi.

Edomae Sushi

The sushi prepared traditionally in Tokyo area, originating as street food, nearly 200 years ago. Utilizing the fresh catch from the local Tokyo Bay. Small pieces of raw or marinated fish applied to bite size pieces of vinegar rice known as nigiri sushi. Quickly prepared and quickly consumed an ideal roadside bite. As the preparation became popular and evolved the setting soon became more formal and ritualized. The result, one of the most intimate chef to guest experiences available in the world today. From the chef’s hands, to be consumed only moments later. The sushi master’s energy and warmth coalesce with the perfect Shari and Neta resulting in a single perfect bite.



The old name for Tokyo area


In front of


In front of Tokyo, a reference to the bay area of Tokyo


Food prepared with vinegar and cooked rice known as Shari and other ingredients Neta. Shari, the vinegar rice is in all sushi, this is constant. Neta, the ingredients and the preparations vary.

Edomae Sushi Chef

Edomae Sushi Chef

Our sushi chefs have a deep understanding of the traditional Edomae style sushi. They spend their lives for the technique and the knowledge to provide you the best Edomae Sushi experience. Our sushi chefs intend to give the most authentic Edomae Sushi experience possible. We want to meet your pace, your appetite and your mood. Sushi from our chefs’ hand should be enjoyed within moments. Although the fish will not all be from the Edo area, the art, the passion and experience will be.

Items that will
not be served

Maki Sushi

Sushi rolls, usually vinegar rice, nori seaweed, and Neta rolled and then cut. Maki sushi is well established in Japan, this has taken on new and creative form across the USA. Everybody loves a spicy tuna or California roll, this is however not part of the Edomae Sushi experience.

Hako Sushi

Box sushi or pressed sushi, a method that has it's origins in the west of Japan around Osaka. This method takes vinegar rice and usually fish and presses them in a box. The vinegar helps preserve the fish, a dish that to be enjoyed at a later time. This is contrary to Edomae experience of freshness and intimacy of service.

800 Years of Tradition - "Tamba Yaki"

Tanba Yaki

"Tamba Yaki" is one of the oldest types of pottery that we still make in Hyogo prefecture, Japan, in traditional way for over 800 years. They are all handmade and each one has unique glaze and rustic pattern.